In 2010/2011, the “registry cleaning” market was booming, with many users looking for quick fixes to their computer’s underlying issues (particularly with the newly released Windows 7).

With the release of Windows 10, and the accompanying improvements to both the core and wider system level settings, the registry repair market faded away, replaced *either* by demand for a more comprehensive “system optimization” application, or consolidation to the most effective product (which turned out to be CCleaner).
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We’ve been in the PC industry long enough to know that the vast majority of “registry cleanup” products on the market are nothing more than vaporware. However, their premise (an automated cleaning solution for Windows) remains legitimate, which is why, if you’re in the business of keeping your computer system working as smoothly as possible, you should weigh your options.
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What Are Registry Cleaners, Exactly?
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The goal of “registry cleaner” software is to “clean” Windows’ “registry” database. This database is used to store all of the “options” that your system may have, including everything from your background wallpaper to your login credentials.
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While the registry is generally reliable, it can become bloated, corrupted, or infected with viruses, resulting in a variety of issues with Windows computers. The notion behind “registry cleaners” was that by utilising an automated application to “correct” flaws in the registry, you’d be able to remedy these numerous issues.
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The issue was that many of the programmes were either unable to “repair” the faults on people’s PCs or were outright hazardous (deleting incorrect settings etc). This is why many individuals have become tired with the numerous registry cleanup solutions, which have turned out to be ineffective to the point of becoming “scams.” The popularity of a variety of products, including “RegCure,” plummeted.
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